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moladi is an affordable construction technology, a technology which is an inexpensive means of construction. The end result however is a superior quality, durable structure with a speedy construction time. It is the simplicity and speed of the moladi  construction technology, which makes the construction process both affordable and successful. By combing elements that are designed to make the simplicity of the technology benefits the end user. moladi is committed to providing a construction technology that provides and assists with the full range of requirements involved in the transfer and use of a proven technology. moladi follows an optimized and sequential process. This allows for the number of unskilled labourers, which are utilised effectively, to be predetermined according to the size of the house, area of formwork for the intended unit and volume of the mortar. The speed of construction is also taken into consideration to calculate the number of unskilled labourers on site, with larger units having additional unskilled labour to optimize construction time. Local unskilled labourers are trained by a moladi foreman on the client's first unit. The duration of the training process usually takes 1 – 2 weeks, depending on the size of the unit, and all the procedures and phases of the construction process are followed through and explained thoroughly. The client will be supplied with a working document and assembly instructions, which are compiled specifically for the client's project. After training has been completed, the team of unskilled labourers are awarded certificates for the completion of the training programme and will be graded accordingly by our foreman. A certified structural engineer is involved in the design of the reinforcing according to your local sites soil conditions. A reinforcing schedule would be supplied to the client, or alternatively, a local independent structural engineer would be employed by the client. The engineer would also be involved in signing off the units and verifying that the correct measures were taken in following the supplied reinforcing schedule. Labour required to construct a standard 45m² housing unit: 1. Erect moladi - 10 labourers are needed to complete in 4 hours 2. Fill moladi - 7 labourers are needed, if manually filling the form, to complete in 2 hours 3. Remove moladi - 6 labourers are needed to complete in 4 hours
Key Advantages: moladi benefits end user Employs local unskilled labour On-site training Allows for community participation Transfer of skills to unemployed Quality not dependant on skill Quick turnover = less cost
Keywords: unskilled labour, job creation, comprehensive training, engineer design, moladi, simple construction, optimised and sequential process
As moladi facilitates on site training of local unskilled labourers, this allows for the construction process to encourage community participation and skills transfer.
One house in one day with one moladi  mould more houses in one day with more moladi moulds