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moladi is rapidly growing and proving itself to be the forerunner in the development of housing within poverty stricken areas. Informal partnerships between non- profit organisations and government institutions has inadvertently established moladi as the leading solution to the massive backlog of low cost housing as well as in addressing the inferior standards employed by many other companies within the housing sector. With a track record of over 25 years in the industry, moladi has gained favour with many individuals and organisations, private as well as public, to overcome stereotypical scepticism of the innovative technology. Over the years, through word of mouth, moladi has gained its reputation as the means to benefit many sectors of industry as well as social upliftment and sustainability. The moladi team includes a network of well-trained and well-supported independent distributors who use and sell the moladi technology directly within their territory. Potential distributors who meet required criteria receive ongoing technical and sales support, as we equip them with the orientation, tools, and framework for a successful operation. Advantages of Becoming a moladi Distributor Strong Brand We are an internationally recognised housing technology supplier. We are a Solid Company moladi is a well-established company, having been established in 1986, that strives to meet the ever increasing demands of global housing shortages. We are continually growing and expanding our operations, without losing focus on the importance of supporting and promoting moladi distributors. Proven Success Due to the rising costs involved in the construction industry, as well as the global skills shortage experienced in developing countries, moladi has experienced phenomenal growth and the demand for the technology is ever increasing. Who should become a moladi distributor These are some of the desired characteristics for a potential distributor of the moladi technology: An established company with a minimum of 5 years experience in the construction industry A company who's executives are all permanent residents in the territory We undertake the following  on-site training technical manuals and skills transfer professional engineering support quality procedures specifications and guidance project planning advice logistics and management Procedure Please contact us to verify a registered user or distributor in your territory.
moladi TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER     moladi can be imported into a territory for own usage non-exclusively     moladi can be imported to exclusively distribute and on-sell within a territory     moladi can be imported exclusively to use within a specified territory and in a renewable timeframe