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What are the shipping charges? All our shipping from Port Elizabeth is done Ex Works through a designated shipping agent. You are more than welcome to contact them directly to enquire about the shipping cost of the 40ft container to the location specified. Alternatively, you can also specify your own shipping line. What does Ex Works mean? Ex Works shipping means that the client will be responsible for loading the goods, for providing a vehicle for the transport of goods, and for clearing the goods for export. The client will bear all costs and risk involved in taking the goods from our premises to the desired destination. What is the cost of saving using moladi over conventional building methods? This would be dependent on a number of factors, such as the required usage of the formwork and your local/indigenous material costs. How much does a moladi house cost? We do not have a set price for a house, as moladi works on a sequence of providing quotations based on the client’s unique house design. We calculate each costing based on the material cost prices in their project location. This will provide them with a cost breakdown, which includes the material quantities and technology transfer costs, needed to build the superstructure of the unit. Do you charge for quotations? An administration fee of R15/m² floor area will be charged for specialised cost estimates. This fee is fully refundable and will be credited on placement of order. The finishing materials such as; Windows, doors, roofing, ceiling, plumbing and electrical hardware and paint will reflect general South African prices. Do you supply plans? Our projects department only works on architecturally designed plans, which are submitted by the individual or organisation, and do not supply building plans to clients. As we receive our plans from clients and their architects, we are not at liberty to distribute or issue these plans and documents to third parties. These documents are considered as private and confidential. What information do you require to supply a cost estimate? 1. A detailed single storey plan, including room and overall metric dimensions in AutoCAD format (not plotted) 2. A section specifying the wall height, roof pitch in degrees and overhang in AutoCAD format (not plotted) 3. Complete Window and Door Schedules 4. Specify the number of units required and in what timeframe 5. Local material costs in ZAR or USD. What are the factors that influence the cost of a house? The amount of internal walls, as well as the shape of the house will increase the cost of the unit.
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