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Who builds the houses? Only registered moladi users; these are individuals, or organisations who have received the necessary training and adhere to the specified process and procedures involved with the technology. Should you have any queries, kindly contact our Head Office in South Africa to verify a user in your area. Do you build for individuals or do you only do housing projects? We supply the moladi technology to entrepreneurs and building contractors who undertake large housing projects; we do not fulfil the role of a contractor. As moladi users focus primarily on large scale projects, it is not always viable for them to build privately. I just need the formwork, can you assist me? No. moladi has been supplying its comprehensive construction system, of which the moladi formwork is merely a constituent of this technology, for the past 26 years. As a result, we do not simply supply plastic formwork, but a holistic building technology, that has been specifically designed and is proven too benefit the end user with its simplicity and ease of use. Why don’t you sell kits off plan? The technology offered by moladi is simplified and not standardised. It is our role to accommodate the requests and design requirements of our clients; and to honour the dedication and enthusiasm of our clients, we ensure that each project is custom tailored to suit their needs. Can anyone buy the moladi mould system? moladi is a specialised technology; but in order to ensure best practice with the application of the moladi mould system, it is necessary to supply moladi to established contractors and not traders. Are there requirements that must be fulfilled to purchase the moladi system? Competence and commitment is our primary concern. Who designs the custom layout of the mould system? Our competent staff, with the proper understanding and on site experience, designs the modular configuration of the moladi  formwork components to suite the desired layout of the structure. All reinforcing within the foundation and walls are designed by an independent, certified engineer. Is the custom layout done according to building plans supplied to you? Yes, the plans supplied to us from our clients, or their architects, are used as the model to calculate the configuration of the formwork components. Do we need to buy a new kit if we need to change the layout of the mould system? If the design of the housing unit changes, you would need to purchase a kit which is specific to your projects design requirements, as the formwork is configured specifically to the design of the units you require to build. What support will I get after purchasing the moladi formwork? Training Technical manuals and assistance Professional engineering support Quality procedures Suppliers and purchasing databases Advertising and Marketing assistance Is moladi a franchise? moladi does not allocate an agent for a specific province or state in a country; however, we are keen to establish a strong, and mutually beneficial, working relationship with the users of the moladi technology. How many houses can be built using the moladi mould system? The moladi technology is cost effective due to its repetitive application. It is affordable due to the fact that the moladi formwork is used on a repetitive basis for up to 50 reuses per kit; this results in the cost of the formwork being amortized over the construction of 50 units. The less re-uses the purchased formwork kit has the greater the overall cost of a single unit.
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