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Who builds the houses? Do you build for individuals or do you only do housing projects? I just need the formwork, can you assist me? Why don’t you sell kits off plan? Can anyone buy the moladi  mould system? Are there requirements that must be fulfilled to purchase the moladi system? Who designs the custom layout of the mould system? Is the custom layout done according to building plans supplied to you? Do we need to buy a new kit if we need to change the layout of the mould system? What support will I get after purchasing the moladi  formwork? Is moladi a franchise? How many houses can be built using the moladi mould system?
What sort of foundation is necessary? What type of roof does the house have? How many people need to be employed to construct a house with moladi? Can you build boundary walls using moladi? Can you build multi-storey apartments with moladi? What is your lead time for production? Are the electrical and plumbing services included in the houses, or do I have to subcontract to have this done, and what are the costs? Can wall thickness vary? Can walls be repaired if damaged? Can walls be drilled, chased or cut? Can moladi be constructed on bad soils such as heaving clay? Does moladi fulfil the requirements of the South African Bureau of Standards building code of practice? Can the structure be extended? Are structures designed, approved and certified by an Engineer? What are the costs involved with training and where does training take place? What sand grading would be required for the mortar to achieve design strength? What are the curing requirements after stripping? Do moladi walls have cavities? Can a mould be flipped to create a mirror image of the house to be built? Can I use moladi to do extensions to my home? Can I use moladi to build a second house on my property? Is moladi approved by financial institutions?
What are the shipping charges? What does Ex Works mean? What is the cost of saving using moladi over conventional building methods? How much does a moladi  house cost? Do you charge for quotations? Do you supply plans? What information do you require to supply a cost estimate? What are the factors that influence the cost of a house?