calculating cost
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The technology offered by moladi is simplified and not standardised. We offer a comprehensive technology that has been designed to satisfy the requests and design requirements of our clients. Our projects department will ensure that the moladi mould system is designed and structured to accommodate the required cultural aesthetics and functionality needed, resulting in social acceptance within the community. Our projects department formulates a specialised cost estimate according to the clients design specifications. We provide the client a cost estimate specific to their architectural plans and project requirements. A costing is calculated according to your floor plan and local material prices specific to your project. We are able to determine the precise volumes and quantities for the moladi formwork, mortar mix, raft foundation and materials required to build each moladi structure. INFORMATION WE REQUIRE TO CALCULATE YOUR COST ESTIMATE; 1. A detailed single storey plan, including internal room and overall external metric dimensions in AutoCAD format (not plotted) 2. A section specifying the wall height, roof pitch in degrees and overhang in AutoCAD format (not plotted) 3. Elevations 4. Complete Window and Door Schedules, specifying quantities and sizes. 5. Specify the number of units required and in what timeframe 6. Local material costs in US$ or ZAR. LOCAL INDIGENOUS MATERIAL PRICES; moladi allows for the construction process to take place anywhere in the world, making use of indigenous, or local, labour and materials. It is imperative to obtain the local raw material and labour costs to apply to your drawings. Once we have received the information requested, as well as the local material costs, our Projects Department will convert your design into a moladi  mould, or kit, and this layout design will be forwarded, along with the cost estimate which is calculated using the specific material costs supplied for that particular territory.   COST ESTIMATE BREAKDOWN;   The detailed cost estimate is divided into the following categories: Raft foundation and floor slab Superstructure - the shell Windows Doors Roof Ceiling Plumbing Electrical Paint Preliminary and general   FINISHING MATERIALS; Windows Doors Roof structure and materials Ceiling Plumbing Electrical Paint All the above finishing materials will reflect general South African prices in the cost estimate. These costs should be replaced with pricing that is relevant to your indigenous cost of finishing material suppliers in order to further ensure the accuracy of the unit cost.   PRELIMINARY AND GENERAL; The establishment of the building site and site overheads depends on the project and will vary from project to project. CLICK HERE TO REQUEST YOUR COST ESTIMATE